Welcome to Taylor Made Sweets

Join me on my journey to sweet perfection!


In the near future I want to own a bakery in Boerne, Texas.  This website will hopefully transform over the next couple of years to ultimately host all of the current information on my future professional business, Taylor Made Sweets.  

I am starting my business process now at a small scale level and hoping to gain experience and knowledge of all that the culinary world has to offer a prospective bakery owner.  

TaylorMadeSweets.com is available now in order to make myself known and so that people who hear about Taylor Made Sweets have a place to go to learn more about my story and developing business.  

Please explore my website to learn more about my life's passion and the journey I have baked my way through!

visit my contact page to order something sweet!

" Taste and see that the Lord is good." - Psalm 34:8